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Prizmatic: Evil Party

Posted by trickibe - July 2nd, 2022

"Okay, what the fuck is that?.." Aniran said as she pointed at a man with a crimson cloak over him and a moving tail?

"I've seen weird cosplay before but my god is that fucking ugly-" Ivy said with disgust as she glared.

"You see what i see Cascanova?" Aurora joked.

"I do see Aurucura, It's a wild furry! Catch it before it escapes!" Cascade joked with her as they both laughed. Ivy then whacked them over the heads "Horny motherfuckers.."

Jackie then looked up at the banner and tilted her head in concern and confusion. "Hey guys, does that seem..ominous?" She asked as she pointed at it and the other girls moving their heads to look. "I mean, I don't see anything wrong. It just says 'To decken, there must be strike.' It doesn't make any sense, well not to me-" Aurora said as she leaned on Jackie's shoulders.

"Girls, let's just go in." Ivy said as she gently pushed the four others out of her way and walked in. They all shrugged and followed her.


"Hey Ray, where's your kid? You said she'd be here and my son's getting impatient."

"She'll be here soon sir. I know she will."

"AYO! RAYMAN WE ARE HERE AND WE ARE FINE AS FUCK!" Cascade yelled, holding Jackie's hand as she pushed through the crowd.

"Hi Dad." Jackie waved to him, looking away nervously.

"Uhhh Cas? I don't think he's looking so well." Aniran said, pointing up at Ray.

"What do you mean? He's looking alright to me." Cascade says, starting to dance.

"Hold on, Jackie you said Ray wasn't feeling well a couple of days ago right?" Aniran says as she starts to dance with Cascade.

"Yeah, he was in bed all day and I took care of him."

"Maybe he's pushing through, like how when I had a cold and I still swa- wait. WAIT BUZZFEED UNSOLVED FUCKERS LET'S GOOOO!" Cascade cheered as so did the other two, pushing through the crowd to find some people.

Aurora guides Jackie away from them, making sure she doesn't get scared by the loud noises.

"Someone's a little excited." Aurora jokes as Jackie giggles.

"Jackie?" Ray says from a railing on the second floor.

Aurora and Jackie looked up and saw Ray looking down at them. His joyful, carefree aura wasn't present near him and Aurora got worried.

"Come up here with Aurora, there's someone who would like to meet you." He says without any emotion in his voice.

"I'm starting to think it's not just a flu."

Jackie whispered as she held onto Aurora as they walked up to the second floor. Aurora opened the door and Ray took Jackie's hand, leading her to a couch. Aurora followed the two and sat on the resting arm of the couch.

"Sweetie, this is the music producer I was talking to last week. He is very impressed with how your sales are going."

"Yes, they're through the roof! I was wondering if we got permission for a collaboration from you? Maybe a album about the secret lives of girls?" The producer suggested, not realizing how he said it.

Jackie gets a bit uneasy and fiddles her fingers as Aurora is confused at what this guy just said.

She then picked up Jackie bridal style.

"Hey musicman, Jackie's gonna think about it, we're gonna find our friends aight?"

Ray looked at her and Jackie with a cold look. This isn't the Ray that Jackie knows.

"Okay." He says as Aurora grins and pats his head.

"Thanks musicman-" She said as she ran downstairs with Jackie and into the kitchen.

She then sat Jackie on the counter and gave her some bread as she peeked out the door, trying to find the rest of the girls.

"Pick up the pace ladies we've got a creep 9 o' clock and Ray isn't Ray!"

She quietly yelled to herself. She then closed the door and took some bread to eat with Jackie.

"Lemme guess you-"

"I'm alright. It's fine."

Jackie mumbled under her breath as she looked at the bread

"It's not fine, there's something up with this and I think your pa's got something to do with it. How was he when he was in the bed? Grumpy? Sleepy?" Aurora asked, pointing up.

Jackie thought. "Well when he called me in, his eyes were sunken in and he had some weird bruise on him. I got worried obviously and he said he pulled a all-nighter and said that the party was going to be great." She explained

Aurora pursed her lips, being confused as Jackie was.

"But that still doesn't explain the banner though. Who the fuck puts a thing like that on a banner? Is it like, a little teaser for a new album?" She asked, moving her arms.

"No clue-"


All of a sudden, Aurora and Jackie could hear everyone screaming in the main area. Aurora darted to her head to what was happening and it was pure horror. Everyone was manifesting into terrifying monsters and a grey smoke was wafting around the area. Jackie jumped down walked over to Aurora with a scared expression.

"Holy shit.. It's like the sabbath club all over again..." Aurora mumbles.

"What's happening?!"

Jackie exclaims but quickly Aurora covers her mouth and crouches down.

"They're gonna hear us Jackie.." Aurora whispers, holding Jackie close as she was trying her best not to cry. Then everything went silent. They then heard footsteps.

"Oh dear, let's hope Ray is alright. And his kid."

"That'll be a chance. We'll search the place, make sure everyone's down."

Two voices were talking as Aurora and Jackie slowly moved up to see who was talking.

"Hello?.." Jackie says with hesitation as the two talking turned their heads to the two girls.

Amanda's eyes widen as she goes over to them, holding Jackie's face and smiling.

"You're okay! Thank Heavens you're okay!" She exclaims with relief as Conner walks over as well.

"Well that's a relief." He says as he takes off his sunglasses and put them in his shirt. "What were you guys doing in the kitchen? We thought you would be up there with Ray."

Aurora suddenly got all defensive.

"Well for your information stubble man, Ray was acting weird and me and her didn't like it one bit. You expect us to be up there with Mr brick wall?"

She said with annoyance as Conner was astounded and then rolled his eyes. "Yeah, okay." He said, pulling out his compass.

"Uh...Who are you two?" Jackie asked, tilting her head. Amanda was a little confused

"Wait he never told you about us?" Amanda said. Jackie shook her head, not sure what she was talking about.

"Oh! Well.. I'm Amanda and this is my husband Conner. We work with your uncle in space and other stuff like that. We got alerted of an explosion and it was here so we got worried that a terrorist showed up but it's actually something else so we got to get you girls somewhere safe." She explained. "Yeah. And we better pick up the pace because Ray's getting up!" Conner explains as Ray rises up like Vlad Dracula.

"You four aren't going anywhere. This party is going to be great. I declared it. And for anyone to disturb the party is asinine and will be destroyed." Ray says darkly as all the monsters start to rise up again. Amanda gasps as she pulls Jackie behind her, Conner doing the same with Aurora.

"Give me my daughter." Ray finished sharply as the monsters charge at the four of them.

Jackie and Aurora held onto each other as Amanda and Conner got ready to fight but then..


A celestial voice called out of nowhere as the four humans were now in a force field ball. The monsters were trying to break the force field by clawing and head butting.

Amanda looks up and her eyes glisten as a purple and dark pink space sailor magical being were floating above them.

Amanda gasps and exclaims "Pyxis! Thank the gods!"

Jackie looks up at Pyxis and Pyxis looks down at her, giving her a wink as the force field starts to become opaque.

"I'm getting you four out of here, there's another problem you're gonna have to deal with!" Pyxis yells as the monsters roar with fury.

Conner realizing and groaned as he slammed a fist against the force field.

"Please don't fucking tell me not-"

"Dan's not himself! He's hijacked the system and he's getting all of us one by one!"


"We'll stop him! But what about you?!" Amanda yells.

"I'll be fine Atlas! I'll try and fight off his control and deal with this mess. Now prepare yourselves!" Pyxis exclaims as they form a massive power ball and then moves their arms apart, knocking out the monsters and sending the four to the observatory.

They land on the ground as Amanda and Conner pick Jackie and Aurora up.

"Uncle's Danny observatory place.." She mumbles.

"Let's go in quick so we can save your uncle." Conner says as he walks with Aurora and so does Amanda with Jackie.

They get to the door as Cygnus blasts the door open. "You're here! Thank Andromeda! But hurry, he's got half of us in strings!" He said, dragging them upstairs and slamming open the door.

"Oh no..."


"Uncle Danny?..."












"Hello there, my friends~"



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